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Elyse Killoran with Esther and Jerry HicksElyse Hope Killoran is a “Wealth Consciousness Catalyst”
who has spent the last decade utilizing cutting-edge consciousness technologies to empower people across the globe with tools to create “prosperity from the inside out.”


In 1999, after realizing that she had created the perfect nightmare of a life for herself (unemployed, in debt, raising two preschoolers alone after her husband got fired for having an affair with his secretary), Elyse found herself inspired to investigate why some people seem to lead rich and satisfying lives while others, who start out with every advantage, have the opposite experience.


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Happily Elyse discovered that the “key to unlocking everything” is well within our control and, with thousands of people on her email list watching her every move, Elyse transformed her once miserable existence into her dream life – complete with abundance in every area: time, money, love, her dream home, purpose, play and joy..



Elyse was also a featured expert on Money
in the inaugural issue of Source Interlink Media’s new
“Law of Attraction” 


What people say
about their experiences with Elyse…


“Elyse’s coaching program has changed my life. When I first started working with Elyse I was in a job I couldn’t stand, I had just been through a divorce and I was searching for someone who coached and led from the heart. I feel so blessed to be coached by Elyse. In the past two years my life has changed dramatically. I now live in a beautiful home in Southern California, I have a job that continually shifts to fit my desires, I have increased my income over 25%, I am in the best physical condition of my life and I feel excited about what is coming. There are many benefits about coaching with Elyse, I will say that the one I find most inspiring is how she practices what she teaches. Elyse is a shining example of what is possible.” — Jeremy Krauter

Elyse, Thank you so much for developing the PPP program!! It has been such a blessing in my life! I knew from the moment I read about the program that it was for me! It resonates so deeply with who I am. It is so nice to be able to connect with other “like-minded” people who desire to live from a place of prosperity consciousness! The tools you use are wonderful!! You truly are a beautiful being with an amazing gift to help lift and inspire others. I feel so lucky to have come across the PPP program and you!!!” — Suzie Dawsonthrough the PPP that I am finally able to really make all the concepts (which I am already quite familiar with through all my years of reading, meditating, practicing, workshops, etc.) work in my life. I find I absolutely need the inspiration of talking with like-minded people about these principles and concepts and of having someone who really lives and dreams these principles as a role model. Elyse’s firmly being rooted in these principles and living them serves as a beacon for me, enabling me to stay on course.” — Mariken Zwart, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Elyse, I love your passion – I can hear it in your voice, what I also love about your style of being a moderator/coach/facilitator is that you give credit where credit is due – I love your integrity. I love how you teach us to change our perception about a situation, that nothing need change in the outside world, simply our perception. I feel secure knowing that I am now able to improve mine and other peoples’ lives dramatically utilizing my new found knowledge. Elyse, you are an inspiration to me.” — Jackie Maclean, Clinical Hypnotherapist

“They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears & that is definitely the case with you Elyse! “The Secret” reignited my inner knowing when it was released here (in Australia) in 2006. From there other works fed my search for greater understanding of the principles of the Law of Attraction, yet there always remained a gap of congruence for me. When I joined your trial, a veil of confusion slowly began to lift. I really appreciate your professional manner & the way you balance your teachings with empathy, strength, research & personal examples. In the 10 months that I’ve participated in the PPP Programme, my understanding of the essence of living life from the inside out has multiplied many fold. Congruence has always been important to me & thanks to your remarkable Programme, my ‘inner knowing’ is so much sharper & now serves me brilliantly in my daily life! Thank you so very much Elyse” — Cate Lobley Melbourne, Australia

“I found Elyse’s way of teaching the Abraham material to be more accessible than listening to Abe teachings directly. Her energy is high and positive on the calls and she is very insightful in applying the concepts to each member’s particular blocks.” — Anonymous survey results

“The work I have done with Elyse has been nothing short of miraculous. In just one call I went from thinking there wasn’t anything I could to improve my situation to a head overflowing with my ideas. It is as if she knew me from the inside out. In a matter of seconds she is on to whatever it is that is keeping me from what I want and has just the prescription for it. Her knowledge base is limitless. I’ve decided that she is the abundance angel in the guise of a brilliantly clever articulate businesswoman. Her business acumen is what completes the circle of abundance. She lives an abundant life shares what she lives and prospers in all ways as do those of us who have the joy of crossing her path.” – Mary Morony

“I love Elyse’s enthusiasm and kindness. I love the positive attitude and drive with which she does the teleclasses. I think Elyse is remarkably good as a teacher. It is truly through the PPP that I am finally able to really make all the concepts (which I am already quite familiar with through all my years of reading, meditating, practicing, workshops, etc.) work in my life. I find I absolutely need the inspiration of talking with like-minded people about these principles and concepts and of having someone who really lives and dreams these principles as a role model. Elyse’s firmly being rooted in these principles and living them serves as a beacon for me, enabling me to stay on course.” — Mariken Zwart, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Elyse’s calm, charming and confident personality greatly inspires me each week. As she willingly shares her life experiences and insights, she helps open my understandings of situations in my own life. I’ve grown and expanded my perceptions so much since I started the PPP – I now know that, no matter what happens, I cannot fail.” — Anonymous survey results

“Elyse. You are truly a gift and I consider you an angel to me and everyone whose life you touch with your love and light.” — Irene Brooks

“I am writing to you to thank you for providing me a most positive and uplifting experience. The PPP programme was worth every cent! I looked forward every week to the telecalls and the information you provided in such a clear and beautiful way. The ‘energetics’ of the calls were very convincing proof that I was experiencing something profound. I think you are one of the best spiritual/life coaches I’ve ever encountered – a ‘practical witch’ if there is such a thing!” — Sue Zbornik, Sydney, Australia

“This program is amazing! I had agreed with the teachings of Abraham, but Elyse makes it practical. The PPP is a hands on, positive uplifting program! Elyse is deliciously powerful, dynamic and personable. She is inspiring and motivates participants towards intentional actions. My life has been very synchronistic these last few months after joining the program! Finances aren’t the huge concern they have always been and I have finally found my dream home! Thanks Elyse, you rock!” — Anonymous survey results

“Hey Elyse, it’s been a while since I dropped by to say hi! My year in PPP finished in April and I’d been meaning to write you to say a huge thank you for an incredible year. I got so much value from the PPP, met so many wonderful people looking to make their lives brilliant as well. I so appreciate your incredible creative prosperity that you’ve shared and continue to share with our community. I adore you Elyse, you are a wonderful mentor for me and I’m privileged to have ‘met’ you through the PPP, albeit I am thousands of miles across the globe! Keep doing what you love and we will all prosper! Love to you and your family!” — Lise Sutherland

“Thank you for a life altering experience! Thank you for your intuition in leading me to things that help me. Thanks for continuing to challenge me. From a life impact standpoint, you’ve helped me more in two months than anybody else I can remember!” Janet A.

“I just love Elyse’s program. Her energy and insights are wonderful. I look forward to class each week, and am continuing to ‘remember’ more and more each week. Elyse has created something totally wonderful, and should be very proud of her accomplishment! She’s helping so many people – many of whom she’ll never come in contact with. Like a pebble dropping into a pond, her influence goes out into the universe like the circles of waves created by the pebble. She’s an inspiration to us all.” — Anonymous survey results

“Working with Elyse has been like finding the key to unlocking the door that leads to the garden. Working with her has been such a positive force in my life. She always helps me to be in my highest potential and to expand my vision in ways I simply didn’t access on my own. and I feel the changes in me. I am lighter and I am clearer in my vision and in my daily life. My life is changing from the inside out. Every time we speak, I feel more open and know that everything is possible. Elyse is inspiring, deeply intuitive and, quite simply, awesome!!!” — Doraly

“Elyse, I was reviewing all my notes & e-mails since we started & just marveling at some of the quantum leaps I’ve taken – with your support & guiding light. I’m feeling so much more centered, peaceful, and tuned in to my inner guidance all of the time. Thank you for holding the light.” Sarah S.

“I love it and most of all Elyse for her insurmountable energy, dedication and support of the PPP and PPP’ers. There is a radiance that comes across the phone bridge that reaches out and grabs me. I can’t think of a time when I have joined a call feeling less than blissful and didn’t feel much better at the end of that hour. Thanks Elyse for being such a great teacher, role-model and example of living with passion.” — Anonymous survey results

“Elyse, thank you so much for being in my life as my coach and spiritual partner. You are truly a priceless gift. Because of our coaching relationship, through your love, acceptance and being totally present with me, I have been able to make HUGE shifts in how I view the world and MYSELF in it. Where I once lacked confidence and was more concerned about other’s approval of me, I now let nothing stand in my way and feel excited to express my gifts, move past fears, and do things that bring me real joy. You are a model coach and continue to inspire me to live my best life AND enjoy the journey.” Love, Bridgette

“When you enter into a coaching relationship with Elyse, you quickly realize that the Universe has answered your prayer for a spiritual partner who will guide you along your personal path to the wisdom and light within you. Elyse’s insight and inspiration aligns energetically with you to form a bridge between the internal and external worlds, diminishing conflict and creating a more powerful oneness. Like a true Goddess, Elyse walks her talk with integrity. She is among my most precious blessings. P.S. Thank you Universe.” — C.M. Clark


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