The Truth About Anchoring Prosperity…


How Do You Move From Just Thinking About Prosperity…

to Truly Creating Prosperity – from the Inside-Out?


From The Desk of Elyse Hope Killoran

Dear Friend,

In all my years of studying techniques to support the creation of prosperity, it has become clear to me that the most valuable tools we can have in our ‘prosperity toolkits’ are those that enable us to internalize prosperity truths within our mind, body and emotions.

I teach my clients and the members of the Prosperity Partnership Program dozens of processes that support the shifting of energy – but most people find that their most powerful shifts occur when they are personally led, step-by-step, through an energy process in such a way that they can simply relax into and ‘allow’ the vibrational transformation to take place.

The truth is, our conscious minds do not know the difference between something that we are vividly imagining and something that is actually happening. Therefore, when you allow yourself to get swept up in a multi-dimensional imagery, the very cells of your body become programmed to the new energetic field that you have conjured in your imagination.

And, on a metaphysical level, the Universe can’t tell the difference between vibrations that you are holding in response to something that you are experiencing in ‘reality’ and vibrations that you are bringing forth in response to a vividly imagined experience. Therefore, the more time you spend ‘radiating’ prosperity (even in your imagination), the more prosperity will be on its way to you.

In short, the most direct way to shift your energy vibration is to ‘plant’ yourself in a five sensory experience of your life the way you want it to be while you allow your body to become attuned to that vibrational state. And the ‘Anchoring Prosperity’ CD will help you to become effortlessly aligned to the highest vibrations that are consistent with:

a) having a deep faith and truth that you are being supported and provided for by the Universe (Anchoring Prosperity)
b) relaxing fully into the perfection of the present moment – free of all cares and resistance (The Energy of Allowing)
c) holding a ‘holographic’ image of already having what you most want so that the law of attraction can easily match it and bring it your way (The Art of Asking)

When you listen to the “Anchoring Prosperity” CD, you’ll discover why so many of Elyse’s students and clients say that, in working with Elyse, they have changed on a cellular level…and that they will never be the same.’

“Elyse’s Anchoring Prosperity CD is truly powerful beyond words. This audio will impact you in a very positive and abundant way. I suggest you make this a part of your daily habits… every single day…and then watch your life expand into peace, opulence and bliss.”— Peggy McColl, Author of top selling ‘On Being The Creator of Your Destiny’ and the Audio CD ‘Create Your Ultimate Destiny’.

Now you can avail yourself of the same powerful multidimensional processes Prosperity Partnership Members worldwide have used to create significant, deep and lasting changes in their vibrational fields. (For Prosperity Partnership member testimonials go here.)Anchoring Prosperity: Volume One of the Touchstone Series

These three guided energy processes are remarkably different and fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. Use them separately – or together – to catalyze your own ‘inside-out’ transformation.

“I’ve been waiting years for Elyse to capture the magic that she has brought to the Prosperity Partnership classes in an audio form – andnow it is finally here!” — Bonnie Snyder, Lifestyle and Energy Coach for Women in Leadership at:

What is so special about this CD?

  • Multidimensional transformation – For years people have been asking me to write a book in which I could share what I know about ‘Creating Prosperity from the Inside-Out’. However, whenever I tried to envision putting everything I would want to communicate into the static form of a book, I’d feel confined. Finally, I let go of the focus on ‘form’ and asked, “How can I best convey what I know?” In short order, the imagery for this CD came through in a vibrant array. After reviewing the inspired material for these three processes I finally understand that my fullest intention has been realized in the creation of this product as you, as a CD listener, will not only be receiving clear instruction in the essential elements of prosperity alignment – you will be internalizing these ‘truths’ on a deep energetic level and you’ll be transformed in the process.

  • Comprehensive and available on-demand: This single CD set includes four energy process (three complex imageries and a bonus ‘activation’) for a full 55 minutes of guided experience that you will listen to over and over again – receiving deeper attunement each time.

  • Transformative music – I am thrilled to report that we received permission (and blessings) from both Sanaya Roman ( and Amy Camie (Healing Harp) to record these processes over musical selections that have been singled out for their exceptionally uplifting and healing properties. Sanaya Roman’s ‘Thaddeus’ music is beloved by legions of faithful listeners and pilot studies conducted by William Collins, Ph.D., using Quantitative (EEG) indicated that Amy Camie’s ‘healing harp’ music does in fact induce a state of relaxation in four minutes by decreasing the beta wave frequency and increasing the alpha wave frequency of the brain.

Finally, our Conviction – we have such faith in this process, that we even offer a money back guarantee.

The Energy Processes

Process #1: Anchoring Prosperity

This opening energy process is focused upon ‘anchoring’ the energy of prosperity. During the course of this 20 minute meditation, you will embed the following key Prosperity Truths — “I am strong; I am supported”; “I am ‘plugged in’ to Universal love” and “I am tapped in to the flow of prosperity all around me” — deep within the core of your being. Each time you activate this imagery your energetic field will be re-programmed, providing you with a more solid foundation upon which you will build a prosperous future.

“For change to be permanent, it must occur on cellular basis – your brain’s rewiring must be made.” — T Harv Ecker in Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

Process #2: The Energy of Allowing

The second process will enable you to become an energetic match to the vibration of ‘allowing’ – any time and anywhere. Just pop the CD into your player and feel your resistance melt away as you become a perfect match to the purity of your heart’s desires.

“Many people are waiting for prosperity. It cannot come in the future. When you honor, acknowledge, and fully accept your present reality – where you are, who you are, what you are doing right now – when you fully accept what you have got, you are grateful for what you have got, grateful for what is, grateful for Being. Gratitude for the present moment and the fullness of life now is true prosperity. It cannot come in the future. Then, in time, that prosperity manifests for you in various ways.”– Eckhart Tolle in The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Process #3: The Art of Asking

Finally, using the third process, you will create the ideal environment for launching “step one” of the Deliberate Creation process – “asking” – while simultaneously holding yourself in an open, allowing place of “receiving.”

“We’re going to give you a very powerful statement: Everything that you will some day live, in terms of life experience – and by some day, we mean as soon as right now, tomorrow, the next day, or some day – anything that you will some day live, you have first imagined. Because nothing will manifest in your experience without the imagination process happening first.” — Abraham-Hicks

Customer Testimonials:

I’ve been meaning to email you for some time now to give you feedback on your audio CD, Anchoring Prosperity. It’s right at the top of my gratitude list at the moment! — Joan Bird

Just to let you know, I have received the CD and have been working with it for a few weeks now. It is a powerful tool that is helping me to further reintegrate this consciousness on an even deeper level. I have noticed even more inner and outer shifts, and it helps me to deepen my visualization processes. I look forward to your next CD of the series, and was wondering if you will ever create a CD specifically for children to use. Thank-you for creating this gift. — Mara Recalis

As an NLP Trainer and in training to be a hypnotherapist, I have to say that this is the best crafted CD that I have yet experienced. I love your creation of metaphor, anchoring, visualization, deepening of trance and metaphor again for the virtual reality. Beautifully done and integrated. Thanks so much. — Alix Martin

I really enjoy this CD and audio quality is excellent. The price of the CD was well worth it even for the one track, The Energy of Allowing. This meditation is so powerful and helps me to shift vibrationally before taking any action. I also feel much better physically. Thank you.
— Elaine Vaccaro

I really have enjoyed the Prosperity CD. It has helped me anchor new beliefs and is a good reminder when I need it of just what I’m striving to create. I do very well with led meditations rather than trying to do it on my own, so the Prosperity CD is amazingly helpful. I feel it has contributed to many of my recent breakthroughs, if for no other reason than keeping me focused and on track. — Jeanne P. Adams

I purchased the “Anchoring Prosperity” CD and I absolutely love it! The first time I listened to the “energy of allowing” track my husband was out of town and I squeezed my index finger and thumb together to send him love and after a little while I called him and asked him “did you feel something funny about 20 minutes ago?” and “he said “yea I was walking down the hall outside my hotel room and I got this funny feeling why?” and I told him the story. He didn’t even know I had the meditation CD. Thought that was pretty interesting. Since then we’ve listened to it together and he likes too! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! This really is a powerful tool. My life is changing in a magnificently, positive, delicious way! I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks again. Elyse! You’re doing a marvelous job! — Tammy Czarzasty

It is excellent! I am using at least a section, and usually more, every day. I brought it to my deliberate creators group and we all did the 2nd part, and it was really good! Thanks for creating it! My Science of Mind friend said she was very impressed with the precision of the guiding and at how good it was that it was so good without an actual mention of “God” — Sandy Phillips

It has already made a difference in our life – not so much on the physical plane, but on the energy plane. It relaxes. We all sleep better. Because we feel safer. It is as if somebody is holding us. Giving confidence. And the promise echoes in our subconsciousness: “All is well. I deserve to be prosperous. The universe is always giving. We just need to learn to receive and create the prosperity from the inside-out.” Scarcity has been such a footprint in my consciousness all my life. I guess it is the same for so many of us. So you are really making difference in the world, Elyse! Giving Hope – as your name already states. Thank you so much. — Eija and Henri, Helsinki

Elyse, I have your Anchoring Prosperity CD and it has made a big impact in my life. I can feel my subconscious relaxing into the knowing that I am ‘supported’. I realize now how NOT supported I have felt over the years. — anonymous survey feedback

Awesome. Elyse’s voice and the music felt like silk energy moving through my body & mind. I felt the peace & harmony and truly felt uplifted. — Jane Erie

I’m listening to the entire CD as often as I can, most days in fact. When I can’t listen to the whole CD I listen to tracks 3 and 4. It’s now been some weeks since I started listening to it regularly and some extraordinary changes are manifesting. First of all, my depth of experience with the audio is growing every time I listen. The other work I’m doing with the PPP and Advanced PPP is also helping expand my experience (I have been on the Tuesday call for the past few weeks, although haven’t said anything, and found the chakra clearing very powerful this week, thank you). Many things have come my way already, thanks to doing this work. Many thanks are due to you for that, but I also want you to know how using your CD regularly to “exercise” my feeling state and raise my vibration has worked cumulatively, just like building muscle when you exercise, and is indeed very powerful. This was most likely your intention. Know that you’ve achieved it!! As a tool to help us create “from the inside out”, your Anchoring Prosperity CD is, in my experience, just excellent. — Joan

Thank you very much for the tracks which I have downloaded. They are a gem. — Vatsala

I ordered the CD download, so I had access to the Anchoring Prosperity material right away. I am enjoying it very much. It is very soothing. I especially like the track where you imagine/visualize you already have your desire…I always feel uplifted after listening to that one. Thanks so much! — Elizabeth Jones

I have been working the Prosperity Game program, participated in your May Experiment, ordered the CD “Anchoring Prosperity” and your information has changed the way I think and manifest my life. I am able to rethink, change, and move forward. What a difference this has made in my life! — Sheila Boyd


Bonus Process: Energy Activation

A seven-minute process that re-activates both the energy of “Anchoring” and “Allowing” so that you can position yourself at your highest point from which you can deliberately create – effectively and with great ease. By first anchoring yourself in prosperity consciousness and then moving yourself to a position of no resistance and pure allowing, you create a clear foundational vibration that will fully support the manifestation of any new desire.


“The Anchoring Prosperity CD will go right on the top of my stack of all-time must-plays. I value this practical tool that allows me to tap into my best state of being and choose prosperity – anytime I want, and anyplace I have a CD player! Listening on a regular basis will keep my energy at its best, and I’m grateful beyond words to Elyse for creating it. Perhaps I should buy two, in case my first copy wears out…?!”Andrea J. Lee, Author, ‘Multiple Streams of Coaching Income’ and ‘Money, Meaning & Beyond: 27 Unexpected Ways to Create What Really Matters for Business Owners’


Yes, I am ready to create prosperity – from the inside out!

Yes! I want to move beyond just ‘thinking’ about prosperity to becoming energetically aligned with prosperity on a cellular level.

Yes, I’m ready to acquire my own prosperity consciousness ‘energetic adjuster’ so that I can experience a ‘vibrational attunement’ any time!

I’m ordering the Anchoring Prosperity CD for only $34.95 (plus s/h)

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I’m very excited when I think of all of the powerful energy you’ll be unleashing when you tap into the magic of this CD.

The fact is, you decided to read this letter because you are ready for things to change.

You will give yourself the gift of prosperity, won’t you?

With love and light,

Elyse Hope Killoran