Free Wealth Consciousness Upgrade Events

“Every problem that we face right now, whether it’s war, terrorism, social injustice, economic disparities, or global warming, would be creatively addressed by our collective consciousness moving to a new level.” — Deepak Chopra

When you are ready to play an even bigger game than the one we have been playing here, you’ll be delighted to learn that your personal shifts in prosperity consciousness actually impact the planet as a whole.

All is revealed in the Evolutionary Wealth Consciousness Upgrade Events hosted by Elyse Hope Killoran and friends.

Can a free 90-minute webinar really shift your personal wealth trajectory?

We have evidence that it can…

Close to 50% of the attendees of a recent  Wealth Consciousness Upgrade Event responded to a survey one week after the session.

Of those respondents, more than 91% answered “yes” to the following questions.

~ Did you notice an energetic shift on the call? (Yes – 91.7%)

~ Did you notice any change in your perception of money since the call? (Yes – 100%)

~ Did you notice any changes in your perception of the challenges you/we the planet are facing as a result of the call? (Yes – 91.7%)

~ Do you have an increased sense of possibilities for yourself?  (Yes – 100%)

~ Do you have an increased sense of possibilities for the planet?  (Yes – 100%)

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  1. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the richness of your own personal, prosperity experience?

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