The Law of Attraction is at work in your life --


whether things are going well or badly.


You can create any situation you want in your life – once you learn how the Law of Attraction is affecting your life now, and how you can harness its power for your highest good and the highest good of others.

If you’ve ever wondered if anyone has really used LOA to create major, positive changes, you owe it to yourself to read my story – a story that began long before The Secret became popular.

If you’ve ever wondered why things get worse when you try to use the Law of Attraction, read this letter to find out why (there’s a perfectly logical reason).

You see, I’ve taught myself, as well as hundreds of others, how to harness this law to create a joyful and peaceful life. Read on to find out how you can be next.

" experience has been nothing short of miraculous! The demonstrations, powerful healing and outright miracles I have experienced over the past few weeks have left me with a profound sense of awe for the power of Spirit; the pure genius of this process; and the unfailing love and support I have felt radiating from each and every one of you." -- Susan M., New Mexico

From: Elyse Hope Killoran

Dear Powerful Friend,

Yes, I mean you! You have tremendous power, and with the help of our loving Universe, you can harness it to create a life that serves your highest good as well as the highest good of those around you.

  • Use it to connect with your soul mate.

  • Use it to discover your right livelihood.

  • Use it to parent better.

  • Use it to end your financial worries.

  • Use it create a deep sense of peace within yourself.

In fact, there could be hundreds of ways you can use this power of yours that is called the Law of Attraction.

The problem is, most of us need a little guidance before we can use the Law of Attraction in a deliberate way.

I know I could have used a lot of guidance several years ago, when a crisis nearly plunged me into despair. I’ll tell you more about that in just a little bit. For now, just know that I overcame that crisis by learning to use LOA, instead of letting it use me. What do I mean by that?

You may not realize this, but you’re already using the Law of Attraction.

Maybe you’re frustrated because you’ve read about the Law of Attraction (LOA) and tried to use it, but found it didn’t work.

The surprising truth is, you’re using it right now, whether your life is going well or badly. How could that be?

Whatever you’re thinking about is what you attract.

Many who watched The Secret came to believe that it was enough to simply say you wanted something and think about wanting it.

Not so. In fact, thinking about wanting something can be a good way to drive it away. Why? Because you’re thinking about wanting, rather than having.

For instance, if you think about how much you want a higher income, you’re focusing on your lack of income. You may feel desperate or unhappy about your current financial state.

It’s those very feelings that will continue to attract to you a state of financial lack.

So if you’re wanting something – whether it’s a higher income, a romantic partner, a more fulfilling career, or anything else – your feelings of wanting and lacking could be attracting the very circumstances of lack that you wish to change.

The key: focus on how you’ll feel when you have what you want.

Yes, it’s easier said than done. Yet I’ve helped hundreds do just that.

Of course, there’s more to it than that.

You can’t just watch a movie and know what to do. Nor can you change your mindset so dramatically overnight. You need clear, ongoing guidance. LOA is simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

There are many good books out there, but few programs that:

  • Keep you on track, week after week

  • Provide you with a live, weekly group energy process that brings you into a vibration of attraction and peace

  • Allow you to interact with the group and with me

  • Allow you to ask me questions and get one-on-one answers that clear your confusion on the principles of attraction, week after week

  • Connect you with a group of kindred spirits via a private forum

Why am I qualified to offer a program like this? It’s not just my degree in psychology or my years of coaching experience, although those do help.

I understand LOA on a much deeper level than that. You see, I had an experience that could have left me feeling sorry for myself, and attracting more bad experiences. Instead, I stayed close to Spirit. Then I learned to harness LOA and make it work for me and my children:

How I created miracles at the most difficult time of my life.

I vividly remember the terrible day when my beliefs were put to the test: April 20, 1999. I remember the exact date because it was the day of the Columbine shooting.

While my three-year-old napped and my five-year-old played with Legos at my feet, I thought about how lucky I was to be able to stay at home with my little boys and also enjoy a part-time coaching practice.

Just a few hours later, a phone call changed all that. It was my husband, tearfully telling me he’d been fired for having an affair with his secretary.

In that moment, my world came tumbling down. I wanted it all to be a bad dream. I wanted to somehow make it all go away.

I couldn't sleep that night. After rivers of fear and tears I finally reached the point of surrender. It became clear that God wasn't going to take this nightmare away and that something more was expected of me. When I became very still, I received the following message:

How are you going to use this experience?

I had a choice set before me: experience this as the worst thing that could have happened to me and begin a spiral downward or look for the messages and the gift. I chose the path of growth.

My mantra for those days was “listen, trust and take guided action,” and it served me very well. Things weren’t easy, but I managed to keep my house, my coaching career, my close relationship with my sons, and, notably, my sanity.

Three Miracles

By fall, I was ready to go beyond just getting by. With a clear sense that I did not want to stray from my spiritual path, I immersed myself in material on prosperity consciousness and manifestation.

In December 1999, I activated three sacred contracts:

  • Double my income 
  • Find and be welcomed into an ideal spiritual community 
  • Attract an ideal intimate spiritual partner

By April 2000, just four months later, all three sacred contracts had come to pass. But just months later, I realized that there was still something very important missing.

Now that I had learned to use LOA to take care of myself and my children, it was time to reach out to others.

That’s how the Prosperity Partnership Program began.

“How can I serve?” was the mantra I repeated over and over in September 2000. I enjoyed my coaching practice, but I had a gnawing feeling in me that there was something more I could offer.

The answer came to me one evening that month, as I re-read Sanaya Roman’s book Creating Money. Although I’d read the same paragraph three times before, this time it leapt off the page at me:

“Many people aren’t doing their life’s work because they don’t know how to manifest the money or the tools they need, or they do not believe their paths or contributions are important . . . the ability to create abundance will greatly add to people’s ability to live rewarding and fulfilling lives.”

Perhaps it was because now I did know how to manifest the money and tools, but this time, the importance of the statement moved through me like a wave.

“Yes!” I thought. “Yes, that is so true. The ability to marry one’s spiritual contribution with the ability to live prosperously is a fundamental issue that needs to be released and healed.”

And all of a sudden, I had complete knowledge of just what I needed to do.

The Prosperity Partnership Program was born that night – as a complete “intuitive” download. Almost at once, I knew all the details of the program. I also knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was what I was meant to do next and that this would work. In fact, instead of feeling excited and nervous, I remember feeling a deep sense of acceptance and calm.

Less than a month later, 80 people had registered for a free three-week trial (when I had ‘received’ the information, I had gotten a clear sense that we should offer a free evaluation period).

Of those 80 people, 70 made a full one-year commitment to the program, and the PPP has continued to flourish ever since.

Why is the Prosperity Partnership Program so Successful?

I hope I don’t sound immodest when I say the PPP has changed lives. It’s just true.

“Hi Elyse

Raymond here, from Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, living out one of my dreams and goals of 15 years. To be living some where sunny and warm with beaches not in Vancouver for a winter would not have happened had I not been a part of the PPP year program. I am extremely happy, full of joy and freedom I have not felt for a long, long time. Feel Free to quote me on that.


Pura Vida!!”


“. . . we have more than doubled our average monthly income, and last month it more than tripled.”

“My husband and I had the great pleasure of participating in your Prosperity Partnership Program a year or so ago. Since then we have more than doubled our average monthly income, and last month it more than tripled. Yes, we’ve put a lot of work into building our online businesses and taking 'inspired action' on marketing and product development, but the key changes were the internal shifts resulting from your program.”

Stephanie Roberts Serrano
Lotus Pond Press, LLC
Kahului, HI


Dear Elyse:

I just negotiated a 2x increase in pay on the recording project I am doing, my fiancée is the most wonderful woman in the world, my daughter is able to meet me in San Francisco to take a course she has wanted to do for two years, I am making music that satisfies my soul, and things look even better in my inner landscape!

Thank you with all my heart. I'm going to search a bit more deeply for areas that are ready for upgrade; things do keep getting better. My last pay scale was a fantastic improvement over my previous life, and now that my life has radically changed, this new pay scale fits better. I've decided that situations like that only need fit as long as they do; I feel like a kid who needs a new set of clothes every six months. My current prayer is that all my relationships benefit from the growth that I am experiencing.

Enjoy the sunshine...

Peter Wood

One of my favorites, though, was unsolicited. Kelley recently wrote to the PPP forum with happy news:

Hi everybody,

I've been in PPP long enough that I've been through the cycle of classes about 2 1/2 times and now I'm really starting to see the fruits of my creation. In the past two weeks my major dream has come true. I've closed on one of the largest deals I've ever worked on (larger by 10-fold) -- and through it, become debt-free, and then some. . . .

I've spent much time in the past 8 months working on the relationship with my childhood family -- and it's worked miracles in everyone's attitudes and outlook. That alone is prosperity to me -- just feeling good about my family again and being at peace with myself.

Kelley Smoot Garrett


When I asked her if I could use her post, this is what she wrote to me:

Hi Elyse,

I would be honored if you used any part of my post as one of your testimonials. I am writing you from the swing that is nestled in the oak trees of the new property my husband and I bought. I'm watching the house movers as they re-assemble our 1941 farmhouse on our new acreage. It was successfully moved from Austin to San Marcos last night. I'm living the life you & the PPP group told me was possible, if I dreamt it. I imagined it and now it's real - just like you said and just like I imagined it!

And now I have another fun dilemma - now that I've achieved my goal of securing my immediate future, what do I want to accomplish next? I'm so excited I can barely sleep at night, and I know each morning Spirit will provide me with more signposts. Thank you so much Elyse, for teaching me how to remember.

Kelley Smoot Garrett

But why has the PPP helped people so much?

The PPP isn’t some flash-in-the-pan program developed after the Law of Attraction became popular.

It’s something I care about deeply. So I’m not surprised that it’s changed lives.

But that’s not the only reason. It’s also the combination of tools and ongoing support that keep you on track.

The PPP includes:

  • Two weekly 30-minute teleclasses featuring wisdom and ample time for sharing and asking me questions.

  • A forum, in which we support one another in our goals and celebrate our achievements (and there is a lot of celebrating).

  • A workbook explaining dozens of my most powerful processes.

  • Three sets of weekly notes, including a set of “Inspired Actions” for you to take each week – yes, there is homework, but it’s fun homework!

  • Access to a private member area, which includes many downloadable recordings of each week's calls.

Since the teleclasses are possibly the most important part of the program, I’d like to tell you a bit more about them.

What makes the PPP teleclasses special

After we introduce ourselves and offer a friendly ‘hi’ (not necessary if you’re shy!), we always start with a guided energy process related to that week’s theme. If you have trouble shifting energy on your own, you’ll find these guided processes much easier, especially on these live calls, which are strengthened by the combined energy of our wonderful group.

Then we'll begin exploring the specific week's theme in a way that is interesting and engaging. As the Prosperity Partnership program is all about "breaking out of the box" of your conditioned thinking, these explorations allow us to consider the truth of being conscious creators from a variety of vantage points.

We present two different types of 30-minute calls each week - one with a  "traditional" and one with an "advanced" focus.

The "traditional" call features comprehensive wisdom, introduction of tools and time for Q&A. The "traditional" call is most appropriate for members in their first months with the program.

The weekly "advanced" call appeals to program members who have been integrating the core class wisdom into their lives over time and are now ready to take their understanding of how to create "Prosperity from the Inside Out" to the next level. The advanced calls feature a more in depth exploration of themes, tools, processes and energy work.

*Note: All students are welcome to attend either or both calls each week regardless of the time that they have been members of the PPP.

Both calls feature one-on-one interaction - which is a powerful feature of the PPP. Normally, you’d need to hire a personal coach to get this level of one-on-one attention, at a much higher cost.

As you can see, our members deeply value these classes:


“I schedule my life around the PPP teleclass…”

I continue with PPP with anticipation and expectation for the teleclass each Sunday evening (I live in BC, Canada). I even schedule my life around the PPP teleclass so I do not miss it. On several occasions I have been on the repeat calls on Monday evening and Tues morning. I have found that this has deepened my learnings - I feel myself being integrated more and more with each teleclass. I also find that sitting in on the Sunday class helps calm me down after the week's 'happenings'. Elyse, I love how you teach us to change our perception about a situation, that nothing need change in the outside world, simply our perception.

I feel secure knowing that I am now able to improve mine and other peoples' lives dramatically utilizing my new found knowledge.

Elyse, you are an inspiration to me.


Jackie Maclean
Clinical Hypnotherapist
The Power Within


“Elyse's firmly being rooted in these principles and living them serves as a beacon for me. . .”

I love Elyse's enthusiasm and kindness. I love the positive attitude and drive with which she does the teleclasses. I think Elyse is remarkably good as a teacher - great communication skills. Very clear communication. . . I very much appreciate the weekly notes - very clear and complete. A great source for me for continuous inspiration throughout the week - I use the notes all the time as my "workbook".

I find I really need the weekly teleclasses to keep myself in the flow, to stay motivated and inspired. Less than once a week would mean I would sink back into a denser way of thinking. It is truly through the PPP that I am finally able to really make all the concepts from the PPP (which I am already quite familiar with through all my years of reading, meditating, practicing, workshops, etc.) work in my life.

I find I absolutely need the inspiration of talking with like-minded people about these principles and concepts and of having someone who really lives and dreams these principles as a role model (Elyse). Elyse's firmly being rooted in these principles and living them serves as a beacon for me, enabling me to stay on course. I love the fact that the PPP program is so broad and complete. So many tools to choose from - excellent.

Mariken Zwart
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Will the PPP solve all your problems?

I’m afraid not. You will slip back into your old mindset. Even I do. Even Esther and Jerry Hicks do. It’s part of being human. But that’s exactly why you need the ongoing support the PPP gives you.

As I said before, LOA is simple but not easy. It requires letting go of fear and replacing it with faith, and nobody can do that all the time. You can get better at it, though, and as you do, you will see miracles in your life. I have and so have my PPP friends.

Faithful members who make it to the call and do the Inspired Actions each week are the most successful at effecting positive changes in their lives.

The Prosperity Partnership Program is not for everyone

While this program gives you the tools you need to attract prosperity in all its glorious forms, it’s up to you to use those tools.

If you needed to put up a wall hanging, would you buy a hammer and nails, sit on the couch, and wonder why the hammer wasn’t driving the nails into the wall?

This program is similar. It can dramatically improve your life, as it has for others, but only if you use the tools.

If you’re not ready to open your mind to new ideas, make time for life-changing phone calls, and take the inspired actions, this program may not be for you.

I urge you to be ready to make a real commitment to the program before registering for the PPP. You may not be able to make every call or do every inspired action, but your commitment to this program will mean the difference between sitting around waiting for your life to magically change and using the Law of Attraction to create real and beautiful miracles in your life.

Get started with our two-week trial

We realize that membership in the PPP is a big commitment. That’s why we offer a two-week trial for only $9.95.  To celebrate the 10 year Anniversary of the Prosperity Partnership we are returning to the original "free" trial for one month only.

We’re confident that you’ll benefit so much from the calls and notes that you’ll realize the huge benefits of joining the PPP.



"When I signed up for the two-week trial, I wasn’t sure if I’d join."

But the PPP testimonials were so amazing that, once I could fit the trial into my schedule, I signed up.

Sure enough, the very first phone session gave me a new perspective on prosperity that gave me hope and changed my mindset in a deep and permanent way.

I joined and made room in my schedule so that I rarely missed a call. The ongoing support was invaluable.”

Janet Beatrice

Maynard, MA


Important note: You can only register for the two-week trial once. If you miss your sessions without contacting us before the trial begins you will forfeit your opportunity.

How to register for the Prosperity Partnership Program

Live classes are presented at the following times each week (and a variety of downloadable versions of class sessions are available each week as well):

  • Mondays at 9:00 - 9:30 PM ET

  • Tuesdays at 4:00 - 4:30 PM ET

Trial members have access to the weekly core content in three forms during the two-week trial period: 60-minute core class recording, 30-minute traditional class and 30-minute advanced class. (Once you become a full member you'll be able to attend as many sessions as you wish and you will also have access to a full library of weekly class recordings that are all downloadable.)

I know I said this already, but it’s worth repeating:

You can only register for the two-week trial once. If you miss your sessions without contacting us before the trial begins you will forfeit your opportunity.

I hope I don’t sound immodest when I say this is a very valuable opportunity. If you’re not seriously considering joining the PPP, or if you aren’t committed to being on the two free phone calls or listening to the recordings, you’ll be better serving yourself by waiting until you’re serious about joining the PPP and/or your schedule will allow you to participate fully.

To celebrate the 10 year Anniversary of the Prosperity Partnership we are returning to the original "free" trial for one month only.

After your second session you will receive an email from us inviting you to join the Prosperity Partnership Program as a full member. You have two levels to choose from:

Level 1: The 12-Week Prosperity Partnership Program

You receive:

  • 12 weeks (3 months) of teleclasses, notes and inspired actions;
  • the Prosperity Partnership Workbook;
  • access to the PPP forum;
  • access to a private membership area, which includes a library of class recordings and a set of interactive prosperity tools

Fee: $325 (<-- All of which can be applied to the full year program should you elect to upgrade at any time.)


Level 2: The Full-Year Prosperity Partnership Program

You receive:

  • 48 weeks (one full year) of teleclasses, notes and inspired actions (while the course last 12 weeks, no class is ever the same, and repetition enforces the lessons);
  • the Prosperity Partnership Workbook;
  • access to the PPP forum;
  • access to a private membership area, which includes a library of class recordings and a set of interactive prosperity tools

Fee: $549 or six monthly payments of $95


You’ll have three days after receiving the email to tell us your decision. (All-in-all you have 13 days to decide whether this program is a match for you.).

The sooner you get started with the PPP program, the sooner you can start creating miracles in your own life.

 Remember, you already have the power to draw to you whatever you want that will contribute to your highest good, tapping into the unlimited abundance of the Universe. You have the inner resources. You have the universe’s support. Your task is to learn how to consciously align your energy – and that can be a simple thing to learn.

Allow me to partner with you in that learning.


P.S. Over the years, I’ve received so much positive feedback about the PPP that I couldn’t fit it all in this letter. If you’d like to read more testimonials, please visit the following pages: