Evidence of the Power of this Work

Note: Click here to review results of the most recent (5/12) survey of Evolutionary Wealth Generator program members.

Can we really change our experiences of money, business and wealth – from the inside out?

Yes we can! And here is proof…

I. Soul-Aligned Business Course Data

At the conclusion of a recent six-week teleclass program, 111 students completed a feedback survey where they reflected upon the shifts they had experienced in that short period of time.

The full online survey, including all responses, is available for review here: http://tinyurl.com/SABCsurvey

Significant trends reported by participants include:

  • feeling a greater sense of security, determination and trust
  • feeling more peaceful, calm and relaxed
  • experiencing enhanced creativity, focus and clarity
  • enjoying more energy, confidence, vitality and optimism
  • experiencing a deeper connection to spirit
  • feeling happier, more positive and in the flow
  • feeling less resistant, with a greater ability to “let go”
  • having an overriding sense of passion, enthusiasm, possibility and hope
  • and – receiving tangible evidence of being more attractive to information, resources, collaborators and customers

To get a deeper understanding from the participants’ own words, browse the complete survey responses at: http://tinyurl.com/SABCsurvey

II. Data from the third annual “Choosing Prosperity” Experiment

30-day experiment provides proof that you can “Choose Prosperity’… 

As we’ve presented similar experiments three times before (2006, 2007, 2008*) we were not at all surprised to discover the 2009 participants self-reporting benefits in every single category…

79% reported a definite positive shift on the topic “I have a greater sense that I can affect the prosperity that shows up in my life. 

74% claim to have, “a greater sense that good things can come to me through ‘play’ and ‘flow’ rather than only through hard work.”

69% reported having, “a greater sense that there is a practical strategy around creating prosperity that provides tangible results.”

79% of participants who reported a significant shift regarding the statement: “I have a greater sense that the idea of ‘creating prosperity from the inside-out’ is not just wishful thinking.”

What does this mean?

In total we’ve had 6387 survey entries across the four annual “experiments” and the statistical analysis of subject responses yielded similar results – within just a few percentage points – each year. 

Therefore – because the results are replicable with different groups over time – the scientifically valid conclusion is: After only 30 days following our experimental protocol the vast majority of participants experienced a significant change in their perspectives.

This “shift” is best described as an enhanced sense of: hope, freedom, and expansion along with a blossoming of the conviction that we do indeed have the power to initiate positive changes in our lives consciously, deliberately and “from the inside-out.”

* To view the data collected at the end of the experiments as raw data, visit:
2006: http://tinyurl.com/2006expermt
2007: http://tinyurl.com/2007expermt
2008: http://tinyurl.com/2008expermnt
2009: http://tinyurl.com/2009expermt

III. Praise for this approach to shifting wealth consciousness:

“I have participated with some of the ‘top’ prosperity gurus, which gave me a brief power hit that lasted for a few weeks. Elyse’s work goes to the core of who we are. The Prosperity Partnership program’s main paradigm is creating ‘from the inside out.’ This is, indeed, what happens. The PPP tools, along with Elyse’s clear teaching about transformation on all levels: energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual–makes this program truly profound. My life is not the same. I can say that I am a Deliberate Creator, that I now have the tools to navigate my journey. The program’s design requires practice, awareness, consciousness, tuning in to subtle energetic shifts, then seeing the results on the material plane. The point is not the end result, but the journey, and what a blissful journey it is in the PPP program.” — Nancy S.

“This class, like nothing before, connected me with my inner center, my inner wisdom. I am experiencing states of clarity and security, which deepened over the last few weeks. I realize that I am able and capable to go on my ‘world tour’, resting in the knowingness and joy that I have the best ‘travel gear’ with me. I am in a state of positive expectation, imbued by a sense of wonder and deep appreciation. This (the class) is a gift of a life time, and can be applied to any life situation. Thank you Elyse for this amazing opportunity you have given to us.”  — Soul Aligned Business survey

“Hi Elyse – I have a couple of friends that are going to be taking the free classes and are very serious about it. They have seen with their own eyes how I have applied the principles and how it has changed my life! Last year was the most amazing year of my professional life – ever. This year… will be even better AND I am going to work less. At least double the money and much less work. That is the plan for this year. Thanks again for everything Elyse.” — Judy Basso

“I want to express my gratitude, this class or course is REALLY AMAZING! You know I could intellectually understand everything you were saying a long time ago as I have been listening to Abraham for awhile now, reading Wayne Dyer, etc. however my emotional understanding was never there… Things have changed drastically for me. My business is all of a sudden growing at a fast pace, I have new clients call me almost daily! And I realize now that it is because my energies inside me are truly line up.” — Meredith Bowerman

“I first discovered the Prosperity Partnership Program in early November, when I was broke and couldn’t imagine how I was going to afford Christmas. Recognizing that this was the most important reason to take the program, I signed up, knowing I DIDN’T have the money to do so. Within three weeks though, I had more than made up for it, easily bringing in lots more money than the cost of the program and paying my bills. By the time early December came, I brought in thousands of dollars just for Christmas (above and beyond any bills), a great improvement.” — Madeline Gerwick-Brodeur, Polaris Business Guides LLC,

“Thank you for helping me to transform my experiences in so many ways. I have been playing the prosperity game off and on for years. I went from being a financially desperate single-mom who was living from paycheck to paycheck to an independent woman who has created an experience that allows me to work part-time yet get paid for full-time work. I get to take my 11-year-old son to school and pick him up and I haven’t worried about money in over two years.” — Sheen Perkins

“I had been yearning for greater connection with the Divine before your course offering showed up. I couldn’t ‘find my voice’ and I felt like a fraud as a coach and leader. By the end of your course, I’d found my voice and have been able to use the Sacred Container to reach those whom I am meant to reach. I saw how you gave a phenomenal amount of value in each class, AND you added the additional class when you knew it would enrich our understanding, and then you offered the bonus class material to all. This is the kind of business woman I aspire to be, but I didn’t know what it would look like or feel like, before.  Your SABC course helped me to feel at home as a newbie entrepreneur. Now I have a model: you. You overdelivered like crazy, without running yoursefl crazy or neglecting your family. That is what I want for myself, too. In summary, you modelled what is possible for me, and how it is possible to BE a business woman who has a very strong bent in spiritual energy and writing. You opened windows and doors and showed me how to build a home for myself in business.” — Soul-Aligned Business survey comment

“… I own a literal library of information. I was hesitant to join because I wasn’t sure what else I could gain. But I am so grateful that I did, because you took all the things I knew, and brought them into a very new, exciting, deep and profound level for me… What you are doing just makes so much sense: it is simple, yet brilliant. Thank you, thank you!” — Kathleen Carrera

“I’ve been in Prosperity Partnership long enough that I’ve been through the cycle of classes about 2 1/2 times and now I’m really starting to see the fruits of my creation. In the past two weeks my major dream has come true. I’ve closed on one of the largest deals I’ve ever worked on (larger by 10-fold) — and through it, become debt-free, and then some. To anyone reading this who hasn’t seen much success or evidence of the LOA in their lives, just keep following the exercises and work-shopping and the phone calls (of course). Elyse’s process does work, but you have to learn to listen to your heart and follow its guidance. It’s a bit tricky in this modern world of many distractions but just start with some small goals and work up to the bigger ones.” — Kelley Garrett

“I have become more calm, trusting and grounded. My relationship with my future/evolutionary self/soul has grown in leaps and bounds, and has enabled me to truly understand what my unique gift to offer is. It came easily and didn’t require a thinking/head process, but emerged naturally out of the course. It has enabled me to move ahead on many projects that i have been stalling on for too long! Last weekend I gave a workshop as part of a series that was structured to be a “Pay what you want” event. I did the SABC processes and received an abundance in return, in a situation where I could have ended up with little! People really responded to the value they received. Now i know concretely that these tools really do work! Thank you Elyse for your vision and ability to clearly communicate. I’ve been somewhat suspect of the Law of Attraction movement, as it didn’t seem very grounded or realistic. Your processes however are completely grounded and I’m really able to FEEL IT within.” — Soul-Aligned Business Survey

“I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate your unique approach. What I especially appreciate is your focus on ‘practice.’ I have and I continue to move my life in the direction of what brings me true joy and fulfillment, and your program gives me a focal point as well as a community that helps ‘jumpstart’ me to take this to a whole new level. What I notice I’m doing lately with my clients is asking them to ‘practice’ rather than just ‘understand’ the principles. (Novel idea!) So I am learning from you and your approach, and I’m thrilled for my clients! This is an entirely new way of living.” – Laurel

“Since I joined the PPP in October ’07 I have had a total of $15,000 come to me unexpectedly, I have changed jobs to one I liked very much from one I didn’t like at all. And my husband has been promoted and raised one pay level at his job. Those are just the outward manifestations. The inward thoughts and changes in my way of thinking are truly priceless. I am so much happier because of this community and the curriculum we are learning. I wasn’t sure when I joined if I was doing the right thing. I say to anyone who is considering joining, “Take the high dive!” — Liz White

“Elyse’s dedication to teaching of this approach to business, her direct experience of it and her commitment to the growth of the participants and the total support that this solid material provides to those who are willing to transform their approach to business, a method on how to participate and contribute in the world while listening to spiritual guidance (to bring these two parts together) the coherence and effectivity of this whole program” — Soul-Aligned Business survey comment

“Raymond here, from Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, living out one of my dreams and goals of 15 years. To be living somewhere sunny and warm with beaches not in Vancouver for a winter and this would not have happened had I not been a part of the PPP year program. I am extremely happy, full of joy and freedom I have not felt for a long, long time. Feel Free to quote me on that.” –Raymond Clark

“Frankly, Elyse, I have been feeling disconnected from God for a couple of years. Shortly before you sent out your email invitation, I had decided that I was going to make conscious contact with God so I could hear my intution again, and let God lead me out of my blocks, stagnation and increasing anxiety about money. Your SABC toolkit training program email showed up. Major confirmation of how I want to run my business, to show up as I am. The SABC confirmed for me that there is Spirit available to me, and that energy affects others, not just in physical presence, but also through distance and time (email, planning processes, etc.) and the helpful energy of the future me, is accessible through the leaps of quantum physics…. This was the first business program I found that was grounded in Spirit so I can be my best, authentic self – and you gave me the TOOLS. This was a welcome change from what I’ve learned from “heart-based” systems that felt like the same old same old with the words “heart-based” thrown in as an extra jingle. This was really a rebirth for me, and a program that I’d been YEARNING for. You sure set a great Sacred Container 🙂 and attracted me to what is perfect for me!” – Soul-Aligned Business survey

“…In just 3 weeks, I have felt some incredible changes in my life from the inside out. Most notably, I’ve had healing on my leg which has ailed me for 10+ years. The numbness and pain are completely gone! What a miracle! YAHOO! Additional miracles include: holding my first intuitive healing session, receiving a free 17-day cruise (for speaking), receiving positive news on a class action suit, and a new, unexpected and beautiful friendship. All this in just 3 weeks. What wonderful group energy and how grateful I am to my friend for leading me in this direction! I’m sending love to all of you.” — Robyn Hanna

“”First of all, let me say that my life has changed so much for the better in the last 5 months. I resigned from the job in May and am now doing what I love. Every day I feel more and more blissful. So I just want to say a big ‘Thank You’ to you. And it’s true, the better it gets, the better it gets!” – Bee Khim

“I was turned on to you and the prosperity partnership about three years ago by a wonderful friend of mine. In those years I have truly embraced your teachings and wonderful words of wisdom… I went from making $200 a month – well over $5,000 by continuously pushing my financial comfort zone and literally willing more financial prosperity in my life. I went from having a dream to the reality of a full fledged television production company which is on the verge of selling it’s first produced show. I want to thank you so much for all that you have done for me…” — Joe Mode President/CEO Way Out Productions Inc.

“The biggest shift was to acknowledge this spiritual approach to be far more effective than the more traditional coaching and mentoring I have been receiving from other sources. I’m experiencing more trust in this process, and each time I create the time and space for it, the results are clear and profound. Thank you!!!” Soul-Aligned Business survey

“My husband and I had the great pleasure of participating in your Prosperity Partnership Program a year or so ago. Since then we have more than doubled our average monthly income, and last month it more than tripled. Yes, we’ve put a lot of work into building our online businesses and taking ‘inspired action’ on marketing and product development, but the key changes were the internal shifts resulting from your program.” — Stephanie Roberts Serrano Lotus Pond Press, LLC

“I just negotiated a 2x increase in pay on the recording project I am doing, my fiancee is the most wonderful woman in the world, my daughter is able to meet me in San Francisco to take a course she has wanted to do for two years, I am making music that satisfies my soul, and things look even better in my inner landscape!…” — Peter Wood

“What stands out most is that there is a way of doing business that feels right in every cell of my body! It is a formalized business model for a spiritual approach with substance and processes that work!” — Soul-Aligned Business survey

“The PPP was my first experience in learning the Law of Attraction and the process of Deliberate Creation. That has made all the difference in my life! I am now owning my connection to Divine Source and my inherent right to live a life of health, wealth, love and happiness. I am especially grateful for the workbook of tools and the workshopping techniques that I use all the time to focus my energy on the most beautiful life that I am creating for myself. Every day I give thanks for the delicious thrill of being able to surprise even myself with more wonders and gifts arriving in my life” — Jan Puta

“I came to the PPP months ago wanting to shift a limiting belief that financial prosperity and spirituality were incompatible. I have achieved that and so much more. My whole life is infused with a playfulness and appreciation for all the abundance I have, and quite naturally I’ve been attracting even more prosperity with the PPP tools. My husband has gotten his first raise in 8 years and a huge bonus besides, we were able to take a trip to Hawaii to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, my coaching business has been growing with opportunities for speaking engagements increasing…” — Sandy Finkel

“I am a Life Coach and I wanted to completely understand how to manifest so that I could teach my clients to be able to do the same. During the first 6 weeks of taking your program, many wonderful things manifested for me in my life. I actively involved myself in the homework and immersed myself in the concepts that you presented in the program. I effortlessly attracted over $12,000 worth of new business into my practice within one month. I experienced firsthand how by holding a vision and being clear that it was going to occur that it did occur. The thing that was blocking me was my belief level: that life is magical and that miracles do occur daily for me. I kept revisiting the past failures and so when I set a goal I would hear a little voice telling me how in the past I had failed at various things. I had to figure out that my past is not who I am now and that today I can choose to be a powerful creator. I know that I am attracting whatever it is that I’m being, in the moment. So I can be abundant or not, I can be at peace or not. Every moment is a choice and that choice literally brings into my life more of that choice. Thanks for sharing of yourself Elyse!” Love, Lisa

“I took part in your Prosperity Partnership Program about 2 years ago and my life has become so abundant that most days I am in awe at the expansion that is occurring. Thank you so much for your coaching and never wavering belief that the process works. You are a clear and shining example.” — Adam M. Lamb

“Way more than I expected! …. I really love the program! …I really feel that I’ve changed at a cellular level, which I didn’t ‘get’ when I started the program … I now trust the process more than I ever have and also have a much different sense of who I am and how I can create what I want. …Thanks again.”— Judy A., Coach

“I’m happier with more energy, vitality, optimism. I have passion for life and business after 9 years of dark night of the soul. Thank You Elyse. May you be blessed with pure source energy, love, peace, harmony and prosperity.” — Soul-Aligned Business survey

“I just wanted to take a moment to share with you my sincere gratitude for the wonderful job you both did in facilitating this journey! You both provided us a wonderful, sacred space to launch our journey with an unbelievable number of tools and resources for supporting us along the way. This has been the best investment (of time and money) I’ve made in a long time! Your continuing generosity has been a great model of prosperity consciousness for all of us.” — Ted Shields

“By the way, I wanted you to know that I am thrilled with PPP. The dramatic positive shifts started immediately and I am into month 2 and the experience of my life keeps getting more wonderful all the time. I think very highly of the program, and am pretty blown away, frankly. Many thanks to you and your team.” — Jill M.

“I joined the PPP after the two week trial because I was hooked after the first call. I was new to the Law of Attraction and had seen the Secret and thought I was doing everything right but did not see any changes. Joining the PPP gave me the hands-on tools I needed to start making changes literally from the inside out. I started working on my blocks, which I think is the major reason we don’t get what we want, and started see that I was deserving of this good. I love the clearing and centering exercises that we do on almost every call. I look forward to Sunday night because I know that this is the time that I get to work on me and clear blocks or bring into my reality the things that I have been hoping and praying for. This is not so much about “things”, although you will get things, this is more about knowing how you create your reality and being in charge of your own life.” Pam Henderson, Nevada

“Participating in the PPP has given me the tools to make a great energy shift with ease and grace, helping to heal not just me, but also my most difficult relationships. I’ve done a lot of work on myself over many years, read many books, trained in different disciplines, but it’s only now that I truly understand the words “heal yourself and you heal the world”. Beyond that, the changes in my reality have been nothing short of staggering.” — Joan Bird

“I truly cherish this program! It feels so right on so many levels for me. Thank you! As far as the specific content I received insight and growth in every part of the program but really flourished with the core energy alignment piece, the soul of your network piece and the “barrowed benefits” of a community of souls all committed to aligning with and bringing into the physical realm their highest potential!” — Soul-Aligned Business survey

“Wonderful changes are taking place since joining the PPP just a few weeks ago. Before I started doing the program, I had a lot of theoretical knowledge but was attracting mixed results into my life…Now, I have been given information that has shifted my perspective and I feel confident… Lot’s more abundance is coming my way. I can’t wait to write about my progress at my one-year celebration.” — Elaine McCarty

“The shifts that have happened to me in the past few years from aligning myself with the PPP, the advanced program and ultimately becoming a certified guide have touched all areas of my life. My relationship to money and “letting it in” is now healthy… What happened to me because of the inspiration, challenge and fun of the PPP programs is that fear got replaced with freedom to succeed.” — Molly Campbell

“Intensified awareness of the almost immediate results from my conscious intentions. April was the most financially successful month for my business since it’s launch about 9 months ago. I feel even better prepared and equipped to realize the potential of my business with ease and confidence.” — Soul-Aligned Business survey

“I’ve read the success/positive thinking books, and done a lot of programs on that subject. Elyse’s program has helped me integrate all I’ve read, been told, and seen manifest in others’ lives, and really “get it” at a cellular level. The PPP promised – and is DELIVERING – an integration of all I’ve learned, and then some. My relationships are wonderful (and they weren’t bad before.) I’m a writer/consultant, reawakening my business after focusing on family for several years. With very little effort on my part, my financial situation is improving daily. DAILY. Yesterday I got a check from a new client. She had spontaneously doubled my fee. Her note said I gave more than she expected, she felt I’d charged her too little. That wonderful, abundant excess occurred because I think differently about money, all due to the PPP.” — Jeanne Adams

“PPP was a stepping stone for me, I prayed long and hard & I finally opened to receive and Spirit lead me to you and your fantastic work. At that time I was overwhelmed, sad & literally hated my life. Today, I am working again & overall I am happier, calmer & healthier. My attitude and relationship to myself, my community & Spirit is really the major change. When I first found www.choosingprosperity.com without hesitation I said, “Sign me up!” and I am sure glad I did!!” — Skye Belle

“…What I love most about the PPP is how practical it is. When I joined first I had a lot of conflict in different areas of my life. I used the polarity processing exercise and very quickly worked out the core issues that I was bringing with me into each of these relationships. I have totally transformed most of these relationships… I love the PPP tools. There is simply so much practical everyday wisdom in this programme. It is awesome.” — Helen Mc Crarren

“Prior to PPP I was so caught up in the struggle of it all, trying to see how I could make my dreams a reality, dealing with financial challenges, relationship struggles…Now I have the most supportive friends and clients I can imagine, my finances are shaping up and I even have a contract lined up with my bank for chair massages in their office! (Not to mention the attention I am attracting from all these gorgeous men!) The law of attraction, deliberate creation and allowing are seeping deeper into my cells every day and I am having so much FUN with this all. Sometimes the energy flows so strongly that I can hardly sleep…I really believe this group energy has sped things up tremendously for me and I am so happy to be at home again!” — Tina

“….my experience has been nothing short of miraculous! The demonstrations, powerful healing and outright miracles I have experienced over the past few weeks have left me with a profound sense of awe for the power of Spirit; the pure genius of this process; and the unfailing love and support I have felt radiating from each and every one of you.” —Susan M., New Mexico

“…I have loved being a member since July 2006 and so much is different in my life now, mainly just in the way I see myself and my ‘reality’ – and that has made all the difference. The first thing that happened almost immediately was that I began being offered more work (I am a freelance chef and writer) than I had been hired for all year… Pursuing that dream (which is something I have always wanted) probably would have been kept on a shelf indefinitely had I not joined the PPP. I am tremendously grateful for this program, this support group, the fabulous coaches…” — Diane Scalia

“I’m well on my way to achieving what I’d laid out in the contract to myself during that first week. I am more contented. I am consolidating the changes and continuing to build my “practice” of prosperity in every area of my life by continuously lifting my vibration using the skills outlined in the workbook and through the telecalls. By the way, the day I’d signed up for your PPP course I received a $3,300.00 check in the mail! (a refund that had been outstanding for 6 months.)” — Sue Zbornik

“Just wanted to share how wonderful life has been since I joined the PPP and ‘met’ Abraham! I just completed the first 3 month cycle and it’s almost unbelievable how fast my life has turned around! I had a list of things I really wanted to attract and pretty much everything on it has manifested in ways I couldn’t even have imagined… The major event being my private healing/coaching/aromatherapy practice was launched into the public when I was offered a perfect space at my local gym and wellness centre!” – Tina

“Since I started the PPP more than 1 1/2 year ago now, I have seen my life improving and shifting on many levels. From feeling as a victim of “outside” circumstances, I became a conscious creator of my life. Now, not only I am able to attract more and more of what I truly desire into my life, but it all manifests in a much shorter time. Sometimes almost simultaneously. I am more in tune with what I want. My life is unfolding everyday with little miracles and gifts. And sometimes big ones. Like the place that I live right now: a little house with a “million dollar view! The best view of the whole valley”, like everyone says!! And I am not a millionaire yet! But I feel so blessed! I am so grateful and happy to be here! I am amazed each time I look outside! So much beauty surrounding me!! This is such a drastic difference from where I lived and how I felt 14 months ago.” — Anicka Blais

If you’ve had your own experience with Elyse and you’d like to share, please add a comment below.

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