Prosperity Resource: The Media Center

We’ll be filling the Media Center with a wide range of audios and videos that will support you in your quest to raise your “Prosperity Set-point.”

Categories in the Audio Center include:

  • Attunements
  • Deep Truths
  • Guest Wisdom (coming soon)
  • Inspire clips

Categories in the Video Center include:

  • Deep Truths
  • Game Play
  • Guest Wisdom
  • Inspire clips

Stop by the Media Center on any visit by following the “Audio/Video” link within the vault on the top shelf or go directly to¬† at any time.


  1. When I started playing this game I did not realize its power. I was beset by many legal problems and I almost lost my property. I was fighting many powerful negative sources and it was this game that completely helped me to shift all the negative stuff. Everything that I chose was given to me and with that came victory from every sources. It pays to keep choosing prosperity andElyse is a Powerful Guide, so I encourage everyone to get on board.

    • I totally agree, Muriel! You said it so perfectly … Elyse is a powerful guide. I’m so happy to hear about your experience of the game … Like magic! Honestly, it brings tears to my eyes to hear this. I’ve experienced miracles in my life too … things which had, at the time, felt so far away as to be considered impossible … now I believe there is no such thing at “impossible.”

  2. Thank you so much for remembering us and returning this game,it is real it works and I would encourage everyone to have a go,it really really works magic

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